How far can I go with a fully charged battery?

With a 100% charge on Skywell ET5, which has a battery capacity of 72kWh, you can travel a distance of 520 kms based on NEDC standards.

Where all can I charge my vehicle battery? How much time will it take me to fully charge my battery?

You can charge your Skywell ET5 at your home or workplace just by plugging in the charging adapter (based on the availability in the facility) or you can charge it in any of the malls or charging station in Qatar.
You can charge the battery of the vehicles 30% to 80% in 30 minutes at any of the DC charging stations with a power output of 80 kW.
Battery charging of your vehicle at AC charging stations varies according to AC charging input and charging station power output capacity.

What is the battery life and warranty?

The batteries, which have the capacity of recharging 5,500 to 6,000 times, have a driving warranty of 8 years and 200,000 km. Within the scope of this warranty, if the battery life loses more than 30% capacity under appropriate usage conditions, the battery is replaced under warranty.

Is the vehicle suitable for climate in Qatar?

Skywell vehicles have been manufactured and tested to sustain in the extreme climate making it completely suitable for the climate in the region. The vehicle has been certified.

Are there service and maintenance centres for Skywell vehicles in Qatar?

Authorized service is provided by service network in Qatar. Get detailed up-to-date information about authorized service network.

How is the supply of spare parts?

Spare parts for Skywell brand vehicles are imported and kept in stock by the authorized service providers in Qatar. Get detailed and up-to-date information about the authorized service network.

What is the maintenance schedule for Electric Vehicles?

The Electric Vehicles have fewer moveable parts, so the maintenance of Electric Vehicles is much lower than the conventional fuel vehicles. Sources suggest electric vehicle owners spend roughly a third of what conventionally powered auto owners do for regular service. Get in touch with one of our highly trained sales executive to know more about the vehicle and maintenance schedule.